Prepaid Data SIM for Japan FREETEL SIM

These products have been discontinued since 4th December 2017.

Unlimited data for your favorite
social apps.

「FREETEL Prepaid Data SIM for Japan」provide free data access to Facebook、LINE、Wechat、WhatsApp and Kakaotalk. The data amount your purchased will not be deducted.

  • Facebook
  • Wechat
  • WhatsApp
  • Kakaotalk
  • Line
  • ※Some of the service of the above APPs are excluded from the FREE DATA count.
    For details, please refer to the“About the FREE Data Count” section.

  • FREETEL SIM is compatible with " Xi " area and FOMAR area of NTT DoCoMo.

Service Summary

Data 1GB※2
Period 7Days+1※1 30Days+1※1 30Days+1※1 30Days+1※1
Price 2,280 JPY 3,480 JPY 3,980 JPY 4,980 JPY
Type Data only (SMS & Voice unavailable)
SIM Types Micro, Nano
Recharge 500MB Recharge Coupon 980 JPY ex tax
Usage Period Extension No Extensions
Free Data Applicable for Facebook, Wechat, WhatsApp, Kakaotalk, Line
Service Area Japan Countrywide
In the Box User Manual, SIM Pin, Souvenir Post Card
  • ※All prices given above exclude taxes.
  • ※1:The period (7 days or 30days) starts from the second day after the first use of data. For example, if you start using the card from Monday 9pm Japan time, the first day of the 7 or 30 days start from Tuesday 00:00am Japan time.
  • ※2:When you used up all your data, your data speeds will be reduced to 150Kbps with unlimited data until the end of your use period. The free data apps will also be limited.

About the components of the Data count free APPs

LINE TALK Timeline Others
Text Photos Stickers Video Voice message/Message Attaching files Voice call Video call Photos Videos Download Stickers Download background (theme)

※Data traffic volume when viewing stamp shop is subject to charge.

Chat Voice Call/Video Call Others
Text Message Photos/Video Emoticon Voice Chat
Chat Voice Call/Video Call Others
Text Message Photos/Video Emoticon Voice Chat
Chat Voice Call/Video Call Others
Text Message Photos/Video Stamp Voice Chat

※Accessing to external site's content, including advertisement, the data consumed will not be data free

Sending/Receiving Text message Sending/Receiving Photos/Video Sending/Receiving Stamps comments on "good" Voice Call Video call Group Call

△:If the other parties are using non-mobile device such as Personal computer, it will be excluded from Free data count

About the service

  • Summary

    When using the confirmed functions of LINE, Whatsapp Messenger, WeChat, KakaoTalk, Facebook and Facebook Messenger, the data used will not be deducted from the prepaid data volume purchased from your FREETEL Prepaid Data SIM for Japan

  • Applicable APPs and Service

    LINE APP(Mobile version)、Facebook and Facebook Messenger APP(Mobile version)、WhatsApp Messenger(Mobile version)、WeChat(Mobile version)、KakaoTalk(Mobile version)

    ※About the definition of applicable FREE data service, please refer to the table.

  • Applicable Products

    FREETEL Prepaid Data SIM for Japan

  • Fee for using FREE Data Count service

    Free of charge for such function

  • Registeration for using FREE Data Count service

    No registeration needed from customers

  • Exclusion from FREE Data count

    ・External Connection, connection to external Server
    Example: Connection to Youtube or external sites such as file sharing, including contents showing connection to external sites

    ・Communication in order to get the location information (Example: Google Map)

    ・Using besides the official APPs from each vendor

    ・Connection using VPN(Virtual Private Network) or via proxy server


  • Notice

    • In order to exclude the data count for specific service, our network will be identifying components of such service (such as IP address, Port, HTTP header, TLS header), but the actual communication details such as the contents of the message will NOT be identified by us (we do not have access to the contents of your message)
    • Applicable to the data occurred directly by the smart phone which has FREETEL Prepaid Data SIM for Japan inserted.
    • A Minor (several bytes to several kilobytes (kb)) amount of data will be occurred during communication actions such as encrytion or to solve IP address (DNS) issue. These data will not be data free.
    • There may be speed control if a huge volume of data transmission continuously happening within a short period of time, in order to protect other customers.
    • About the Data Free APPs and the components, there maybe amendment to change or increase. The changes and increase of the service will be applicable to all customers including those already using the prepaid SIM card when the cut in day occurs.

How to Use

Start using data immediately after inserting the SIM, and setting up the APN.



Buy a SIM



APN Setup



Use your Data

APN Setup

Name Optional
Access Point Name(APN)
User ID
Password freetel
Authentication CHAP/PAP

Data Usage Estimates (1GB)

News Site(Mobile version)
Mail(300 characters text email)
Skype(3 minutes per call)
About580calls(1,470 minutes)
Google Map(4-5M)
SIM Card Handling Precautions
  • When handling your SIM card, take care not to expose the SIM card to water.
  • Be careful of cuts to your fingers when removing the SIM card from the plastic card.
  • Please do not disassemble or modify the SIM card.
  • Please do not put the SIM card into microwaves or heating devices.
  • Do not touch the metal portions of the SIM card.
  • Keep out of children’s reach.
  • When not in use, do not store in direct sunlight or in hot places.