Prepaid Data SIM for Japan FREETEL SIM


We will introduce the Frequently Asked Questions about the SIM.
Q1. When buying, do I need to fill out any paperwork?
A1. No, anyone can buy the SIM.
Q2. After buying the SIM, how long do I have before I start using the SIM?
A2. There is an expiry date on the SIM package. Please use the SIM before the expiry date.
Q3. After buying the SIM, what the steps until I can use the SIM?
A3. Insert the SIM into your device, setup the APN and you are complete!
Q4.Can I exchange, or return my SIM?
Q5. After I finish using the SIM do I need to do anything?
A5. No, once the period of your SIM is reached, you can remove the SIM.
Q6. Can I extend the usage period of the SIM?
A6. No.
Q7. How can I pay for the SIM
A7. You can pay using the methods available to the stores.
Q8. Can I move to the FREETEL post paid after using the prepaid SIM?
A8. No.
Q9. Where can I use the SIM?
A9. You can use the SIM countrywide. Detailed coverage can be found on the NTT DOCOMO home page.
Q10. What devices can I use the SIM with?
A10. If you meet the below conditions you should be able to use the SIM.
・NTT DOCOMO LTE/3G supported devices.
※To view the support bands, please click here.
・You can connect to FREETEL's APN
※There are a few cases where even DOCOMO devices cannot use our SIM.
Q11. Can I use tethering with FREETEL SIM?
A11. Yes, if you are using a device that allows tethering.
Q12.What LTE and 3G bands are supported?
A12. 4G/LTE: Band 1 (2100MHz)/Band 19 (800MHz)/Band 21 (1500MHz)/ Band 3(1800MHz)/Band 28(700MHz)
3G/W-CDMA: Band 1 (2100MHz)/Band 6/19 (800MHz)
Q13. Can I use this SIM outside of Japan?
A13. No, please use the SIM inside Japan.
Q14. Can I change the SIM card size?
A14. No.
Q15. Can I change the PIN code?
A15. Yes the default code is「0000」.
To change the pin, please refer to you device manual.
Q16. The PIN has been locked, what is the PUK code?
A16. Please email your SIM card's manufacturer's # and phone number to customer support.
Q17. After I start using the SIM, how long do I have until the card expiries?
A17. 【7 Day SIM】From the first use, 7 days.
【30 Day SIM】From the first use, 30 days.
Q18. Before the SIM runs out of data is there a notification?
A18. No.
Q19. How much is 1GB of data?
A19. 1 GB is enough to watch 300 minutes of YouTube (360p resolution),
or to send 20,000 emails (300 characters per email).
Q20. Where can I check the remaining data amount?
A20. On the user portal site.
Q21. The data speeds are slow.
A21. Data speeds may drop in crowded areas, and areas with bad frequency. Due to this the maximum speeds may not be available at all times. In some cases the issue may be your device, try to restart you device and reconnect to the servers.
Also, if you have used all of your data, your speed will be limited until your usage period ends.
Q22. Can I use 2G(GSM) with this SIM?
A22. No, the SIM only supports LTE/3G. To view the supported devices, please click here.
Q23. Please tell me the MCC and MNC numbers.
A23. When inserting the SIM card these numbers should be inputted automatically. In the case it is not, the numbers are MCC 440, and MNC 10.
Q24. I can't setup the APN for my iPhone/iPad
A24. Please use the iOS APN settings on the APN setup page.
Q25. Where can I check the details for my SIM?
A25. You can check the usage period, and remaining data on the portal.
Q26. I can't connect.
A26. To use the SIM please make sure you have setup the APN for your device.
※You can find the instructions here.
If you still cannot connect after setting up the APN, please try the below.
・Reinsert your SIM and restart your phone.
・Delete the APN and reinput it
・On your device turn off the data transmission option then turn it back on.
・Turn off airplane mode if it is on.
Q27. After buying the SIM, can I change the data plan?
A27. No.
Q28. I used all of my data, can I recharge my SIM?
A28. Yes you can buy a 500MB recharge coupon for either SIM.
Q29. After recharging my SIM, with the usage period be extended?
A29. No.
Q30. When is the first day start for the SIM?
A30. The next day you start using the SIM.
Q31. I can't login to the portal site.
A31. Use the phone number and the SIM manufactures # to login to the portal
Q32. Can you send out a new SIM for me?
A32. No.
Q33. What can I do if the SIM card was initial failure ?
A33. Please contact to the store you purchase.
Q34. Where can I buy the SIM?
A34. You can buy it at various retailers.
For a full list please refer to the shop page or click here.
Q35. What can I do with the prepaid SIM?
A35. Possible: Data transmissions (internet)
Not possible: Phone calls, SMS
Q36. Do I need to fill anything out before using the SIM?
A36. No. Just remove the SIM from the package, put the SIM into your phone, set the APN, and you can use the SIM.
Q37. I can't recharge the SIM.
A37. If the SIM's expiry date or the usage period has passed, you cannot charge the SIM.
Also, you cannot recharge the 7 day SIM.
Q38. Can I get a receipt?
A38. Sorry, this is not possible.
Q39. What is an APN?
A39. An APN(Access Point Name)is the setting that allows your device to connect to the FREETEL service.
Q40. How do I setup my APN?
A40. Please refer to the manual in the package or our APN setup page for more information on how to setup the APN or click here.
Q41. Is the data per day limited?
A41. There is no limit per day.
Q42. What can I check on the portal?
A42. Usage start date
Remaining Data
SIM expiry date
Inputting your charge coupon

Q43. Where can I get support for my card?
A43. For English and Japanese support please contact the below email.